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This is not a cutting or trend class, this is a deep dive into your everyday life as a stylist and the physiology that happens during the hairdresser and client relationship.

  • Do you ever feel as if your client’s negative energy impacts your day?
  • Does the energy of your co-workers affect your day?
  • Do you reset yourself after every client?
  • Are you leaving your personal life “at the door” to better serve your clients, your business, and your salon?
  • Are you absorbing this energy and taking tit home, or vice-versa bringing any type (good or bad) of energy into your work environment?

Hosting the “Hairdresser Reset” goes way beyond just doing hair. It will leave your stylists balanced and give you clarity as to what we are truly doing for a living. You and your stylists will learn to discover the positive impacts of each client, and how to use them to improve your business. You will gain insight on how to leave the previous client’s story in the chair, and the ability to RESET for the next client in a matter of seconds!

Learn the power of what we do for a living: THE POWER OF THE HAIRDRESSER!

This course will create a personal mantra for each individual stylist, which will inevitably lead to more professionalism, which in turn will bring more income and success to your salon as well as each individual stylist every single day!


Celebrity Stylist, Platform Artist, Salon owner, and Business Consultant Phillip Rosado has worked Internationally for Toni & Guy and L’Oréal Professionnel as a Master Educator, stylist, and colorist. Phillip Rosado was named one of the most influential people in Orlando, highly recognized for his collaborations with industry leaders. His Hairdresser Reset is The Master Class of all in-salon training, and is the perfect solution for all types of salons. Contact us today for more information:

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Thank you to all of you for sending Phillip Rosado in to teach Creative Cutting. We had a great experience with the class! Our team came into the class without an understanding of what it even meant to do a disconnected haircut and left feeling empowered to do that work and also explain it to their clients. I think the most important thing is that they understood what he was teaching. The format was great because it kept their attention because it was broken down into simple steps. Learning these techniques provided a necessary skill to give movement and balance to their haircuts. Phillip was 100% professional and inspiring!

Gramercy Salon | @ gramercy_salon
Haiarbyragen | Client Testimonials

The Hairdresser Reset class is by far one of the most important classes I’ve taken to date. Fueled with so much emotion, enlightenment and reflection. I feel refreshed as an artist, I can use what I learned in my professional and personal life, and it has brought me closer to my @thebespokesalon fam. ❤️ ✨🌕 If you get a chance to take The Reset class, DO IT!

hairbyragen | @ thebespokesalon
hellobenjamin | Hair Stylist

Do yourself a huge favor and try to attend a “Hairdresser Reset” seminar. It’s events like this which our industry truly needs right now. And to @philliprosado you’re speaking my language, thak you for today.

zoewildridge | Hair Stylist Bespoke Salon

This class was so different from other education. It allowed us all to connect on such a personal level. I feel as if a weight has been lifted and Bespoke has a new energy. Thank you so much.

zoewildridge | @ THEBESPOKESALON
Erik Alan Davis Salon

I can’t say enough about this wonderfully insightful, caring and…handsome man. Phillip @philliprosado is an essential teacher and motivational guru for stylists and owners. As a talented stylist and salon owner himself, he understands the industry and all its complexities. Look forward to having you back Phillip! Thank you, John @erikalandavissalons👋👋

Erik Alan Davis Salon | @erikalandavissalons

I can be more grateful for such an empowering class by @philliprosado , you just didn’t only gave us the answers to much of our questions , but to feel that fore that this industry gives to those who love the art or hair and beauty in general .

arthurpossohair | @erikalandavissalons
Cara & Company Salon Mobile

Amazing class we had today with @philliprosado. I can honestly say I’ve never seen my team so inspired, touched and refreshed after a class. After one of the hardest years of all our lives we all really needs this class. We needed to Reset! I had no idea I had so much pinned up inside until he made me stand off to the side and had each one of my staff give me a hug and tell me why they are thankful for me. Cried like a baby👶😭.Like sobbing uncontrollably! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. Best class of my life!

Cara and Company Mobile | @caraandcompanymobile
Andreeea Stancu

If you feel like you’re going down the wrong path, RESET.

Thumbs up for Phillip Rosado! It was such a great experience to take the Reset Class. Phillip is genuine, fun, and very experienced. This class helps you take a step back, breathe, look at the bigger picture, and take action. Limitations live only in our minds, so if something goes wrong, it’s up to us to make it better. Hit the RESET button – we are allowed to start over!

Andreea Stancu | @andreeeastancu

I practice what I learned from you all the time! Gratitude my friend. Intentionally allowing time to reset has been the key for me to continue on n grow n now I have my own place. It unlocked a lot for me. Thanks!

Kurt Vatland | @Houstonhairguy